Last February 5, 2019, we were fortunate to meet Tom Woodhouse,Emeritus Professor at the University of Bradford, under the Peace Studies and International Development Department.   He is also a consultant to FC Barcelona Foundation for some of their community development programs.

He shared with our coaches about how we can connect sports and peace. According to Mr. Woodhouse, “Sport does not solve conflicts but they can be one of a set of tools that together can solve them.”

Rick Inting (ADDUMFT Captain), Marvin Dava (JHS Football Head Coach), Jess Evangelio (Juniors Basketball Head Coach), Airnel Abarra (Athletics Head Coach and GS Sports Officer), Tom Woodhouse, Noli Ayo (UAO Director), Simone Jaldon (ADDUMFT Head Coach and JHS Sports Officer), Ramon Beleno III (ADDUWFT Head Coach and Political Science Dept. Chair)


He highlights that sports is a common language and uses values to set the direction for those who uses it. His son is part of Goles por la Paz (Goals for Peace), a foundation based in Colombia that uses sports as one of its tools to bring together communities and to provide them with practical educational activities. They create their projects based on positive values like team work, respect, tolerance, and self-discipline. FC Barcelona, whose motto is “Més que un club” (“More than a club”), is one of the biggest clubs in the world and emphasizes the importance of following the club’s values. All those who are part of the club know its values: Humility, Effort, Ambition, Respect, and Teamwork.

Woodhouse further shares that sports, such as football, when used in the right way with communities, have the following positives:
-Inspire individuals and groups to fulfill potential
-Mobilizes people around values
-Powerful identification with the peace-convening power
-Promotes inclusion and sense of belonging and identity
-Potential to use economic power and resources to facilitate community development and social cohesion

4 Phase Model of Values Led Mediation:

  1. Befriend
  2. Inform
  3. Communicate
  4. Values-led Mediated Agreement


Written by Simone Jaldon, JHS Sports Officer and ADDUMFT Head Coach