My fellow varsity Joseph and I competed in the JVR Chess Tournament last July 16 and 23.

This tournament highlights “teamwork” so you and your teammate had to rely on each other. Since the biggest prize was received by the team champion.

That was one of the first few things I’ve learned. In fact, neither of us placed in the top 3 individual, but we still managed to get 2nd in the team standing. Second, even though it was a competition, it felt friendly because nearly everybody knew each other. As an Ateneo varsity, the phrase they always teach us is “Cheer Don’t  Jeer”. I felt the true meaning of this playing in the JVR. And lastly, I learned what it really meant to win. It wasn’t the prize, the medal, not even the feeling of victory. No, the true meaning lay in trying your best, praying to God for the best and win or lose, accepting the outcome.

For in the oath of sportsmanship, we have a saying, “when the great scorer pens your name, he writes whether or not you won or you lose, but how you played the game”.

This is how we see the chess world and apply what we’ve learned in the real life.

Written by: Mr. David Patrick Belisario, Grade 6-St. Ignatius