It was 4 in the afternoon and I was running late. The event was supposed to start at 6 and call time was 5:30 and I was nowhere near ready. I hadn’t showered, prepared my bag, and was still driving home. I heaved a sigh as I sat there in the midst of the city traffic and recalled the past events that transpired which led up to today. It was the annual Night of the Blue Knights on its 5th year and being one of the members of the College Athletics Council, it was such a comfort that today finally arrived. We have had so many meetings, arguments, plans, that was all for this event and I knew that all of us on the Council, was relieved that the last event for the school year finally arrived.

The Night of the Blue Knights is an end-of-the-year social gathering of all college varsity athletes. It is at this night that awards are given to student-athletes that have excelled throughout the year both on and off the court. These are the students that excelled in their performance as athletes and these are the athletes that were able to maintain high grades as students. Moreover, tributes are given to the senior athletes that are graduating and have left a legacy as they leave Ateneo and bring with them all they have learned. But more importantly, the Night of the Blue Knights is a celebration that celebrates everyone that played for Ateneo, coaches that never gave up on their athletes, and the people that kept the sportsmanship alive in Ateneo.

It was almost 7pm when we finally got to Grand Men Seng and walked to the Oscar themed room. It was such a beautiful and memorable sight. All the athletes showed up in the best dress and suit they could find. All the coaches were all made up. It was truly wonderful and heartwarming to see the participation of every team. All the smiles and laughter of each one made all the hard work of the CAC worth it.

As the night came to a close and everyone stood up to sing the Blue Knight song, I realized it was going to be the last time that I would sing it as a student-athlete and looking around, I knew a lot of seniors did too. Being a student athlete in Ateneo is different. Being a student is a requirement, but being an athlete is a choice. Yes, it was hard but at the end the day, it was one the choices I was glad to have made during college.