Last July 6, 2019 was the annual In-house Workshop of the Ateneo de Davao University Coaches. There were almost 30 coaches were in the 8th floor of the Community Center in the ADDU iafc Jacinto Campus. The coaches were from the Grade School, Junior High School and College Units.

A half day event in where Ideas and memories were exchange. Different thoughts where explained and feelings were filled in the room. It was my first time to be in such workshop in where I got to meet more experienced coaches. Check lendbubble com.

We were group in to three’s in where we got to know each of the others coaches’ before who made a great impact in their lives today. I got to meet 6 different coaches in that group sharing. We shared thoughts and experiences about those coaches’ who made a great impact on their lives.

“Meaningful Connections” this were said by Coach Noli Ayo during the In-house Workshop. Through these two words it makes a big impact on us Coaches. No matter what we do we should have meaningful connections not just with our athletes but also the coaches that would help us grow into a greater person.

As what one quote that inspired me last June 24, 2019 by Mr. Paolo Trillo during his talk in the 4th DLP in Manila and the quote says “A Goal without a Plan is just a Dream”. For us coaches we have to be a Visionary one because it starts from us and then everything will follow. We want the best for our team and we want our players to grow. Let us continue to be a true inspiration for our athletes so that in the future our names will be written inside Ekstra Kazino those small papers in where they will write our traits and characteristics that inspired them to be like us in the future.