On March 16, 2019, the University Athletics Office through its College Athletics Council successfully held its 5th Installment of the Annual Night of the Blue Knights in Grand Men Seng Hotel. In just one BIG night, more than one hundred sixty (160) student-athletes, coaches, faculty and guests gathered in the momentous event.


Mr. Bemi Garcia, College Sports Coordinator of Ateneo de Davao University, gives a welcome speech. He mentioned that to create a strong culture it needs to realize the goals of its sports programs, like NBK, the attainment of the goals will rely so much on the buy in power of its stakeholders, the support of the student athletes, coaches, faculty members, alumni and Administrators, check افلام-سكس.com. He hoped that everyone will see the value of the experience. To be men and women of characters, preparing student athletes to become better people that there is more to life than playing the sports that you love. That through formal event; it would teach you with the perspective only an experience like this one can teach.


Fr. Tony Basilio, S.J., Assistant Dean for ADDU Natural and Sciences Cluster, was the special guest speaker from the Administration. He gives a speech for the student athletes emphasizing “magis” as he could only imagine how challenging it is to be a student-athlete in the Ateneo. Academic standards are high and they need to meet by everyone, no special considerations. Expectations are high in sports, the Jesuits have a tradition of excellence not only in academics but in sports as well.

 Engr. Al Adzhar Usman, Blue Knight (Basketball), was one of the special guest speakers of the event. Sharing his life experiences as a student athlete which helped him become the person who he is today.