The Junior High School had its first VPC meeting today from 10am to 12nn at the Grade School AVR 4. The meeting was organized by the JHS sports office to bring together the varsity parent representatives to have a forum on the following topics:

  • Introduction of representatives
  • Role the JHS Sports Office and the Code of Conduct of Coaches
  • Athletics fee: how much it is and where it goes
  • The role of the VPC
  • How the VPC and Athletics can work together in future activities for the student-athletes
  • Initiate the need to draft a Parents’ Code of Conduct
  • Election of Officers (Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, and Secretary General)

What does a VPC representative do?

  1. Attend the regular meetings of the VPC
  2. Be the liaison between the UAO and Varsity Parents on matters pertaining to activities of the team
  3. Collaborate with UAO in conducting fundraising activities for student-athletes
  4. Help set UAO programs that will ensure positive and meaningful sporting experiences for ADDU student-Athletes
  5. Craft and uphold the ADDU VPC Parents’ Code of Conduct

A total of 15 representatives were present at the meeting.

VPC Representative Team
Babes Lantican Badminton
Gaye Oribello Basketball Boys
Remecio Amatong Basketball Girls
Bryan Catoera Chess
Sharon Salise Football/futsal Girls 14U
Joy Diamante Football/futsal Girls 16U
Cecile Solis Lawn Tennis
Lovely Carillo Lawn Tennis
Gregorio Espiritu, Jr. Swimming Boys
Mary Rose Lao Swimming Boys
Doods Lazarraga Swimming Girls
Lilibeth Herrera Table Tennis
Anna Felissa Lim Taekwondo
Maja Theresa Mapayo Volleyball Boys
Paolo Tapia Volleyball Boys

The meeting ended with the election of VPC Officers with Bryan Catoera voted as Chairperson, Doods Lazarraga as Deputy Chairperson, and Lovely Carillo as Secretary General.

Written by: Simone Jaldon, JHS Sports Officer