The Blue and Red Games: Blueknights and Crusaders showcase hoop, spikes prowess for Typhoon Survivors

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Two Davao City schools staged one momentous sports activity to lend a helping hand to the victims of typhoon Yolanda that struck the country last month.

Team Blueknights went head-to-head with Team Crusaders last Saturday night to play volleyball and basketball games that thrilled the spectators no end at the HCDC Gym, that showcased some hard hitting spikes and long-range hoops. The volleyball match-up was a recurrence of a duel between two best volleyball teams in Davao City, while the basketball game showed the revival of a long time rivalry between the monarch monikers (the knights with the crusaders). It was a game for unity, as results really was secondary importance.

The home team crusaders emerge triumphant in the volleyball game as the red vets of HCDC gave one good game at 3-1 sets with the younger rooks of AdDU. While the basketball crusaders was able came back from a 20 pt. deficit in the 4th,  after an explosive pounding by the blueknights on the 1st-3rd quarter of the game.  The reds managed to snatch a one point (1pt.) victory over the sleek and hot shooters of the blueknights at 84-83.

But the overall victory went to all the athletes, coaching staff and sports officers who organized and made something special and worthwhile in saving the  lives of the Yolanda survivors.


The purpose for the athletes, as well as the crowd who supported the games had in their hearts and mind, the essence of helping and caring for our fellow countrymen who are in dire need of our help and attention.  It was a momentous night for Davaoeños that demonstrated unity in the times of crises, through cheers and yells  from all corners of the venue. The Student government of AdDU (SAMAHAN ) and HCDC also supported the fund raising event.

The AdDU Blueknights Men’s Basketball with  Holy Cross Crusaders basketball Team



  1. Taculin, Neil John Ryan A.
  2. Jorgensen, Jerwin R.
  3. Gonzales, Juan Karlos B.
  4. Presbitero, Jose Mari Y.
  5. Marte, Rene B.
  6. Pepito, Felix Carmelo
  7. Dailisan Paolo Angelo R.
  8. Pacheco, Miguel Emmanuel C.
  9. Aguanta, Jose Kenneth D.
  10. Competente, Miguel Kristoffer V.
  11. Evangelio, Jess Linus L.
  12. Dulay, Eric Patrick II
  13. Jorgensen, Jerik R.

   Head Coach Miguel Solitaria    Assistant Coach Mark Bonifacio      Assistant Coach Raphael Claveria


  1. Buñag, Neil
  2. Carbonell, Zairill Jules
  3. Dumadag, Miguel
  4. Dumagan, Harry
  5. Duropan, Jave
  6. Eben, Gerty
  7. Francisco, Mark Brian
  8. Maneja, Roland John
  9. Quidato, Jan Patrick
  10. Quitoriano, Warren Jay
  11. Reyes, Glenn Reubert
  12. Ty, Diego Francis
  13. Santos, Christopher Ray
  14. Maning, Hermogenes Jr. 
  15. Sotto, Cesar Sid
  16. Estampa, Carl Bernard 

The AdDU Blueknights Men’s Volleyball with Holy Cross volleyball team



  1. Cambarihan, Kenneth Rey C.
  2. Cabiling, Matt Esau C.
  3. Figuracion, Marc Bryan M.
  4. Lucenara, David Carlo D.
  5. Manaog, Meikel Henry D.
  6. Miculob, John Philip C.
  7. Navales, John Paul O.
  8. Policarpio, Wilbur Chad J.
  9. Portillo, Philip N. Jr.
  10. Secretaria, Helson
  11. Soco, Christian Ray N.

Head Coach Shane Alagao    Assistant Coach Kirk Marion Mojica


  1. Agaton, Leonard
  2. Algabre, Edvarb  Jan
  3. Bansagan, Ryan
  4. Buat, Rollen John
  5. Capalit, War Jhones
  6. Fernandez, Eric
  7. Flores, Edmar
  8. Galdonez, Benpure
  9. Reyes, Karl
  10. Sampigat, Zaeynudin
  11. Salazar, Henry
  12. Sarte, Calvin
  13. Wariza, Brendon John

The event, dubbed “The Blue and Red Games”  and organized by the Ateneo De Davao University with Mr. Bong Eliab, Mr. Noli Ayo,   Mr. Bemi Garcia, Jr., BJ Enerio; with big help from blueknights athletics support staff, AdDU P.E. Department and the Office of the Student Affairs – Mrs. Bimbay Eliab. The Holy Cross of Davao College Sports Department headed by Mr. Rudy Salvador and assisted by Carlos Salvador and the Holy Cross ushers and sports staff.

The event  raised P 80,000, where the proceeds will go to the DACS Organization, who will deliver the funds to the survivors.  The activity was supported by the Davao Association of Catholic Schools (DACS) headed by Fr. Joel E. Tabora, S.J. President of DACS, Mr. Jimmie-Loe Dela Vega – Exec. Director, Mr. Billy Cruzada Sports Coordinator.

The Sports Development Division – City Mayor’s Office (SDD-CMO) headed by Mr. William Ramirez, lauded the organizers initative for coming up with such noble idea. “When two Davao City schools come together to play for a common and wonderful cause, that speaks of the character of the Dabawenyos. They are always ready to help,” said OIC SDD-CMO Butch Ramirez.

Representatives from the said office was also present during the games with sports communication officer Charles Maxey, and Cindy Cruz-Enerio, R.N., also helped out as a first aid attendant in the game.



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