Leaders of Mindanao Peace Games during the leadership planning

For two days, directors of the different member schools of Mindanao Peace Games (MPG) converged at the Ateneo de Davao University on 22-23-August. Discussing the prospects of hosting this year’s MPG which will be the Ateneo de Davao University. Sport Directors and leaders of MPG Member schools had a thorough discussion on the propspects of this year’s games.

Present on the meeting are the following member schools:

Ateneo de Davao University

Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College

La Salle University Ozamiz

Mindanao State University-Marawi

Iligan Medical Center College

St. Joseph’s College of Technology

Fr. Saturnino Urios University

Holy Cross of Davao College

University of Southeastern Philippines

First of the things discussed are the sharing of the MPG Leaders visit in Singapore and what are the lessons learned by the participants. One cited is the importance of long-term planning related to sport and how Singaporeans value of continous improvement for their sport program. Also noted are the importance of proper management of facilities and values of order and discipline.

The main agenda is the preparations for the Mindanao Peace Games which will be hosted by Ateneo de Davao University on 24-28-October-2017. Also discussed are the sports to be played during the games and the different leadership and peace- building activities for athletes and coaches. It was also mentioned the discussions for the next year’s host and what are the things to be prepared for MPG.

On the afternoon session of the MPG Leaders meeting, participants went for a visit to the Central 911 headquarters in Matina Davao City. Mr. Emmanuel Jaldon, officer-in-charge of Central 911 facilitated the visit and explained to the participants the process of serving Davao City in terms of emergency situations. It was noted as well the innovation of Central 911 which is truly a role model in the Philippines.

On the second day, the leadership meeting was held at Pakighinabi room of the Community Center of First Companions, Ateneo de Davao University. It was discussed the further details on the preparaitions of Mindanao Peace Games and the prospects of expanding of membership among other schools in Mindanao. MPG Leaders hope that the networks and collaboration for the events strengthen with more membership while staying on the values and ideals of MPG.