March 26, 2018
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Banwag means illumination or in a similar context also means brilliance.

The Banwag Asul 2018 is the beginning of a tradition that the Ateneo de Davao University Men’s Football Team (ADDUMFT) hopes to continue as a year-ender, to recognize those who have pushed themselves extra, to give tribute to those graduating, and most especially, to gather the whole team and look back at what they have achieved together.

The Captains. (L-R) Glean Lumabao, Emmanuel Collado, Jonathan Lim, with ADDU Athletics Director Noli Ayo

The event itself was organized by the 3 captains of the ADDUMFT: Jonathan Lim, Glean Paulo Lumabao, and Emmanuel Collado. 11 awards were given to the players who have done well in their unique positions, or have exemplified, among others, the values of Leadership, Compassion, and Commitment within and outside the field.

Rick Inting, Diamante Commitment Awardee and Fairplay Awardee, with ADDU Athletics Director Noli Ayo

Fair Play: Rick Inting
Recruit of the Year: Carlos Tagudin II
Defender of the Year: Emmanuel Collado
Midfielder of the Year: Glean Lumabao
Attacker of the Year: Greggy Andag
Golden Glove: Patrick Narca
Most Improved Player: Lyle Navarro
Versatile Player of the Year: Emmanuel Collado
ADDU MFT Trio: Jonathan Lim, Glean Lumabao, Emmanuel Collado
Sui Generis: Emmanuel Collado
Diamante Commitment Award: Rick Inting
In his closing message, University Athletics Director shared with the team to be sources of light in what they do and give back, whether it be in football, at work, at home, or in their communities.

It was a good reminder that those awards would not mean much if they were only seen as awards—frames of paper with a name and a written achievement. Those awards were given because of their contribution to the whole, and that without the whole, there would not be anything to contribute to. To quote what one of the captains, Emmanuel Collado, during his speech in an earlier event, “IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU,” referring to challenges, success, and all the hard work you put into being part of a team.

As the ADDUMFT SY 2017-2018 comes to an end with the Banwag Asul, another colorful year of growth and discovery is just about to start.

Graduating Seniors. (L-R) Tio Santoso, Japheth Briz, Mac Comision, Greggy Andag, Dave Daryanani

Written by Celina Simone E. Jaldon, ADDUMFT Head Coach