On August 21, 2017, women coaches of Ateneo de Davao conducted a breakfast forum at Lispher Inn and invited women coaches from different sports and different schools. A total of 12 participants were present at the forum, all women, except coach Noli Ayo, the Ateneo de Davao University Athletics Director, and coach Joseph Layao, of Mindanao State University-Marawi.

Coach Jaimee of ADDU SHS Women’s Basketball Team, shared with the rest of the group why she coaches and how it inspires her to wake up everyday. Coach Aure of ADDU SHS Badminton Team, expounded on the article about Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s advice on how to raise a trail-blazing daughter and discussed it in the context of a coach and what she hopes to teach her athletes.

Here are their testimonials about the event:

Last August 21, 2017 it was a holiday but the Ateneo de Davao Women Coaches didn’t mind the holiday and kept moving forward for sports. The Breakfast Forum that we conducted is a bit unique in a way that the usual forum would be with the male coaches, too. On that day, the women coaches got to talk as freely as they could. We talked about the importance of stories and the need for fellow women to do more in sports given that we are often the minority in this industry. It really makes me feel valued to see more female professionals who would like to be more involved in sports because sometimes what we do is looked down on by some. The stories of the forum’s participants were very interesting because some of them are also teachers in public schools and they discussed how the funding of their sports programs can be not as stable compared to private schools’s funding. But that doesn’t hinder them from doing what they need to do. Having this forum was a fulfilling experience. To have more women show up and to share ideas in forums like this, and eventually take action, would be a good step towards having better representation in our industry.  ~Jaimee Marie Chan, ADDU SHS Women’s Basketball Coach

Coach Jaime on why she coaches

Gathering like this is like finding a place to belong in in the world of coaching. Got to earn friends, feel refreshed after listening to their stories about sacrifices and victories. I am happy to know that they learned and realized the importance of guiding their athletes and being careful with the words they use. I believe part of our purpose is to influence/impact lives. We are envisioning a good culture that should be built up in every team and through it we are building our hope. They are the hope of our nation, not just kabataan, but “Kabataan na merong tamang prinsipyo at takot sa Diyos.” What we are doing now will influence the future. We are on the right track we hope to have more of these, and strengthen our bonds as women in sports. ~Coach Aura Vega, ADDU SHS Badminton Coach

Coach Aura sharing her thoughts on Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s advice