Some of ADDU Sevens Drafted Players Posing with their ADDU Sevens vestsThe following are the Ateneo Sevens’ objectives as shared by Rick Inting, of the ADDU College Football Team, during the Draft Night last night, August 12, at the Arrupe Hall in ADDU Jacinto.

Objectives of Ateneo Sevens

  • Ateneo Sevens aims to be a stepping stone in bringing together the different units of the university football varsity.


The football varsities of each unit in our university has been somewhat “un-united” in these past years. We tend to be distant from each other that we sometimes forget that we belong in one institution. We act towards one another as if we do not share a commonality, when in reality we actually do. (We share the same passion for the game, and we all play for Ateneo)

The Ateneo 7s gives us an opportunity come together once again, as a united Ateneo Football Varsity.


  • Ateneo Sevens aims to change our perspective of the game and promote creativity.


As football players, all of us have already tried playing the most common set ups of the game (11-, 9-, and 7-a-side). For years, we have played them repeatedly that some of us have mastered the play while maybe others haven’t.

However, what’s interesting is that there could be some of us who are itching for a new set up–a new method of play, and that play shall be granted to us by the Ateneo Sevens.

This set up is like the 7-a-side games that we used to play, but with a slight twist. First, instead of playing it in a small field, we are going to be using a bigger one (77m x 48m in ADDU Matina). Second, instead of the “no offside” rule, the opposite shall be implemented. These changes would certainly alter how we will view the game. With the increased difficulty, it would also certainly challenge us to think on how to play it efficiently and creatively.


  • Ateneo Sevens aims to develop the character of the players–a better me for a better we.


In Ateneo, we do not only hone our skills, but we also develop the character in us. We aim to not just play the game but also instill within us the value of discipline, camaraderie, and sportsmanship as ideal and better goals to aim rather than just simply winning.

With this, let us promote “a better me for a better we”. By nurturing good values in ourselves, we would eventually be able to reflect them on how we perform simple tasks in our daily lives– how we wake up, how we do in our academics, how we treat people, and even how we train.

Let us build attitudes and learn values which would make us more than just players–ones that would make us better persons.

The Ateneo Sevens is an internal league with participants from Junior High School, Senior High School, and College. Four teams will be competing in the next few Sundays for the privilege of becoming the first Ateneo Sevens champions. The league was created in partnership with Mizuno, Astrochairs, and the University Athletics Office.

Ateneo Sevens Schedule (4 games per day, 10 minutes per half):

Venue: Ateneo de Davao University Matina Campus

August 27

# Home Away Time
1 Green Yellow 3:00pm-3:25pm
2 Red Pink 3:30pm-3:45pm


# Home Away Time
3 Pink Green 3:50pm-4:15pm
4 Yellow Red 4:20pm-4:45pm


September 3

# Home Away Time
1 Green Red 3:00pm-3:25pm
2 Pink Yellow 3:30pm-3:45pm


# Home Away Time
3 Yellow Green 3:50pm-4:15pm
4 Pink Red 4:20pm-4:45pm


September 10

# Home Away Time
1 Green Pink 3:00pm-3:25pm
2 Red Yellow 3:30pm-3:45pm


# Home Away Time
3 Red Green 3:50pm-4:15pm
4 Yellow Pink 4:20pm-4:45pm



September 17

# Home Away Time
1 Top 1 Top 2 3:00pm-3:30pm