ADDU Alumni Football Cup 2016 and ADDU Alumni Football League


Last December 28-29, 2016, we launched our first ever ADDU Alumni Football Cup. It was a 9-a-side, single round-robin, 2-day tournament. We invited current and former students of the school and allocated only 60 slots for participants. We then divided them equally into 4 teams—Red, Blue, Black, and White Teams—with each team having high school and college students, and graduates/alumni, with at least one lady playing on the pitch at all times. Only top 2 teams get to play in the championship.  The Blue and Red teams battled it out in the championship, with the Blue team reigning supreme at the end of the tournament. All players from the top 2 teams received Starbucks gift certificates for making it to the championship: PhP 200 for each player in the champion team and PhP 100 for each player in the runner-up team. The GCs were sponsored by the Blue Knight Association, Inc., thanks to Mr. Butch Samante, the Alumni Director, and the Alumni Board of Trustees.  We were also able to raise PhP 3200.00 from pledges to kick-start our Football Program fund, this fund will be used for the future projects of the ADDU football teams.

Testimonials from some Participants:

Rick Inting (2nd Year BS Environmental Science, Black Team)

It was a really great event to be part of. I never imagined that I would be able to play side by side with some players who are now participating in the UAAP. Win or lose it was a very successful and memorable event because not only did we play for a cause but also had fun in the process while showing camaraderie and true sportsmanship. I hope that more would be able to participate and it would be an annual event.

Erika Turtur (HS Batch 2012, Blue Team)

I think the ADDU AFC is a good way for us alumni to remember where we came from. Although we went to different schools after ADDU GS/HS, the AFC helped us remember that we all have once played for this school and that’s what connects us with each other. Joining AFC was really fun because i got to play with people from different batches who I didn’t get to play with before or I didn’t know were actually from ADDU.

Gio Diamante (HS Batch 2010, White Team)

The 1st ADDU AFC, for me, was defenitely a success. The fact that former and current football players from different batches came together to celebrate the beautiful game was incredible because it brought back not only memories but friendships as well. It was nice to see everyone and see how all of them had grown over the past years. I hope and pray that this annual gathering will encourage more batch of players to join the tournament because face it, there’s nothing like playing football with your teammates again.

Coreen Ostan (3rd Year, AB Mass Communication, Red Team)

I like the fact that this year’s Alumni Cup was already officially organized by the ADDU Athletics, not like in the past years wherein most of the Reunion Cups were held almost abruptly. Compared to the previous ones, there were significantly more participants this year. And this definitely has an impact on the players. It makes us reminisce our early years in football and rekindle (and even renew) the friendships that we have not felt and seen for a quite a long time because we’ve already gone our separate ways as individuals. The ADDU AFC was an avenue for us to reconnect with the friendships we’ve had from the days that made us who we are today.

This is the first official ADDU Alumni Cup, and we will have more regular tournaments for the ADDU football community. During a celebratory dinner last December 30, 2016 with Coach Noli Ayo, our University Athletics Director, we have decided to start the Ateneo de Davao University Alumni Football League, a double round-robin, 9-a-side football league open to all alumni of ADDU. All games will be played every Sunday in the ADDU Matina football field. League details are still being finalized but we are looking to launch the league in February or March of this year and have another one later in the year. Stay tuned for updates!

Thank you Coach Noli, for your support and for always pushing us to think and go beyond sports. Thank you again  Mr. Butch Samante, the Alumni Director of ADDU, and to the Alumni Board of Trustees for your generosity.  Thank you Mr. Mark Samante, Alumni Affairs Coordinator, for delivering the opening message for the Alumni Cup. Thank you to the rest of the organizing team—Nikko Zamora and the Diamante Brothers (Gio, Gelo, and Jed)—for taking the time to organize the Cup with the University Athletics Office. And of course, thank you to all the participants who played last December, for enthusiastic participation and for helping us start the Football Program Fund.

Written by Simone Jaldon, Special Projects Coordinator, ADDU Athletics Office


Championship Match Blue Team vs Red Team

IMG_3546 IMG_3525 IMG_3523 IMG_3540


Remembering Eulan


I didn’t know Eulan very well but I got to meet her once. It was the 27th of September. We happened to drop by and she and the rest of the Grade School team captains were there waiting for their regular meeting to start, so Coach Noli thought it was a good opportunity for us to meet some of the young leaders of the school. As I look back on that afternoon, I wish I had been more attentive. Honestly, I didn’t realize Eulan was there until Coach Noli sent me a photo of us talking with the group. There she was with a huge smile on her face. Who would have known she would be leaving a few months after that. Only when she left did I get to know her better, through the people whose lives she touched while she was still here, and through those who drew meaning from the memories these people shared with her.

The day before Eulan’s burial, I had the chance to meet her parents. I found out that she was nicknamed “Leila” after Leila Barros, the famous Brazilian volleyball player. Her father gave her that nickname way before she decided to play volleyball; little did they know she would end up playing Barros’ sport later in life. She started playing volleyball officially when she was in Grade 4 but didn’t make it to the first team. According to her mother, and one of her coaches, she wasn’t what people would call a natural-born volleyball player. But that didn’t discourage her from wanting to improve. Eulan was on a mission. It seemed that every time she set her eyes on something, almost nothing can stop her from achieving it. She wanted to make it to the Palarong Pambansa and she hoped to one day be on TV, playing in the UAAP or in one of the country’s top volleyball leagues. She did extra work outside of regular training; she did rounds on the oval, practiced her serving technique hundreds of times, and understood how to play each position on the court—eventually she could play every position. By the time she reached the 5th Grade, she was more than good enough to be part of the first team, good enough that her coach gave her the captaincy—a designation she didn’t think she deserved at first because it was usually given to the seniors in the team. But because of her vibrant personality and innate ability to lead, she eventually realized that she was given the captaincy for good reason.

I found out that other than being a talented volleyball player, she was also a talented pianist. And, before volleyball, she was part of the synchronized swimming team.  Then there was a time she learned to dance ballet and jazz.  Even with all those extracurricular activities, she still managed to stay in the honor roll consistently. Both in academics and extracurricular activities, Eulan gave at least her 100%. Her parents instilled in her that she should never settle for less in whatever she did, and given the memories of her that her family and friends have shared with me, it seemed that this young lady already had initiative at a very young age and was willing to put in the hours necessary to improve. She didn’t take shortcuts and was driven to become better at whatever she did. This, to me, sets her apart from many kids her age.

Her time with us here may have been cut short and her potential not fully explored, but even though her hopes and dreams may no longer be fulfilled by her, many other girls share the same hopes and dreams and maybe if more people heard her story and reflected on it, they would realize, just as I have, that living a full life doesn’t necessarily come with living a long life but it’s about making the most of what you have to achieve great things in the limited time we have. I believe that stories like Eulan’s need to be shared and I wish I could have given you a complete and better perspective of her life, because I have learned, through the eyes of those whose lives she touched, she showed those around her—in the time and effort she put into everything she did and the relationships she made, as a hardworking student-athlete, as a caring friend, and as a loving and respectful daughter—what it means to value life and to be truly alive.

The Ateneo de Davao University Athletics Office has decided to start an annual volleyball tournament, the Eulan Marie F. Ortiz Memorial Cup, to celebrate the life that Eulan lived. Thank you, Eulan. This is for you and for the many young girls you will continue to inspire with your life story.


Written by Simone Jaldon, Special Projects Coordinator, University Athletics Office

THROUGH THE EYES OF A COACH: Coach Al Rashid and the Mindanao Peace Games


When I was invited last August 15 & 16, 2016 at Gen. Santos City, I have witnessed a group of leaders from different sides of Mindanao sharing a common dream – peace through sports.

In the 2 day gathering, I realized that a lot of things are possible if we put our hearts and minds into it. The leaders of the Mindanao Peace Games have shown that limits can be broken if we learn to put together unconditionally much needed resources. The MPG leaders have shown that having a shared goal and aspiration can unify different sporting culture.

I was moved by the MPG leader from Maguindanao – Coach Al Rashid Sendad of Datu Ibrahim Paglas Memorial College. Though the youngest of the group at 24 years old, he carried with him a deeper view of sports. Coach Rashid believes that through sports they will be building new lives; through sports they will overcome what they are facing right now; and through sports they will set the minds of his fellow Maguindanaon that their place is not just a place where war and conflicts are – that it is also a place where peace is abundant because of what we do in sports.

Coach Rashid also mentioned his eagerness to host the Mindanao Peace Games and have the games played at their home town of Datu Paglas, Maguindanao.

With the kind of heart and mind of a young man like Coach Al Rashid, it only proves to show that there is still life during in our darkest time. With all the ups and downs of our lives, we should stand and bounce back for others to know that we will never stand down and will never quit the tests of time.

(Submitted by Michael Chad Bouffard, OIC, ADDU Grade School Sports Office)

Through the Eyes of a Coach-SMART Blue Knights Track League Season 3: Keep Moving!

“The battles that count aren`t the ones for gold medals. The struggles within yourself – the invisible, inevitable battles inside all of us – that`s where it`s at. “- Jesse Owens- Gold Medalist 1936 Berlin Olympics.


It is easy to say that the success of a coach depends on how much medals you win and how much athletes you bring to championships. Coaching is mostly given to those former athletes especially those who has the chance of becoming champions on their respective disciplines. Never comes into the mind of most people that one can be a coach even that person was never a champion athlete at all. Never will come to the mind of policy makers that those who tried their best to study a sport and how it is done can be a coach at all.

As a coach of Athletics or Track and Field which is the centerpiece of major sporting events in the world such as Olympic Games, Asiad, and Southeast Asian Games, it is quite ironic that we struggle to promote the sport here in our community. Most athletes and students prefer to play the ballgames which is mainly exposed in mainstream media. That’s why it takes time to convince students to take Athletics as a sport of choice. Still, as a coach, we must realize that we must try our best to give whatever it takes to promote the sport that we love the most.

In the 10 years that I’ve been coaching, I endured different challenges related to the sport. There was a time I will be judged as outcast since I try to speak out what should be done in order to train athletes properly. That’s why I chosen to leave my hometown and seek better opportunities in Davao Region. It is quite a leap of faith that I went here with any certainty if I will be accepted. Still when there are people who believes in you, anything can be possible. The only limitation will be yourself.

When we started the Blue Knights Track League in November 2014, I thought I will be just organizing another running event, but as time goes by, I realize that in order to gain more athletes and to make them confident is to bring them to the best possible experience they can get. Athletics in the Philippines are usually organized with such mediocrity. The “pwede na” mentality penetrates to the character of the athletes thus they can only settle for the better opportunities in the big league schools in the capital. Never will realize that in not just by gaining medals an athlete can be a better one. It’s all about on how coach bring out the best in every athlete in and outside the oval. In the Blue Knights Track League, we try to bring the best experience to the athlete and other coaches by following the model of consistent athletics meet in the community. This is the major key of most powerhouse countries in Athletics. They regularly do events and provide better experience for the athletes.

Most coaches are measured and scrutinized in their respective communities. Important is even a coach is not a former champion athlete but brings out the champion character to his/her athlete, then we can be sure the athletes we are taking care of are formed not only in skills but in character. Because champion athletes are not just medal winners but life winners as well.

With all said and done with the initiatives of providing better experience for the athletes, we must go to one direction and ignore people who think small. Just keep on moving and the results of your athlete will speak for it.

36 5444 2829

Airnel T. Abarra, MSc.

Head Coach Track and Field- Ateneo de Davao University




JVR Chess Tournament held last July 16 and 23, 2016-Through the Eyes of an Athlete

My fellow varsity Joseph and I competed in the JVR Chess Tournament last July 16 and 23.

This tournament highlights “teamwork” so you and your teammate had to rely on each other. Since the biggest prize was received by the team champion.

That was one of the first few things I’ve learned. In fact, neither of us placed in the top 3 individual, but we still managed to get 2nd in the team standing. Second, even though it was a competition, it felt friendly because nearly everybody knew each other. As an Ateneo varsity, the phrase they always teach us is “Cheer Don’t  Jeer”. I felt the true meaning of this playing in the JVR. And lastly, I learned what it really meant to win. It wasn’t the prize, the medal, not even the feeling of victory. No, the true meaning lay in trying your best, praying to God for the best and win or lose, accepting the outcome.

For in the oath of sportsmanship, we have a saying, “when the great scorer pens your name, he writes whether or not you won or you lose, but how you played the game”.

This is how we see the chess world and apply what we’ve learned in the real life.

Written by: Mr. David Patrick Belisario, Grade 6-St. Ignatius



“Pamahaw sa Dabaw” – Through the Eyes of a Coach

The goal of this monthly gathering is to strengthen the network of women sports leaders of Davao City and provide opportunities for them to collaborate and work together in elevating the culture of sports in Mindanao.


This breakfast activity will be a monthly gathering to celebrate women who are coaching, managing teams, organizing sporting events and contributing to the development of sports in their areas.
It will be composed of series of talks that aims to motivate participants and encouraged them to do things significantly for their sports. Topics will range from leadership, character building, sports issues , culture development and matters related to what we do as sports leaders and stakeholders.
The “Pamahaw sa Dabaw Sports” is similar to the Breakfast Forum started by Coach Noli Ayo of Ateneo de Davao University. However, the Pamahaw will put premium on women in sports.
All women and men who love sports are welcome to join us in this monthly breakfast gathering. If you wish to participate, feel free to contact me at for updates on the
next scheduled forum.
NOTE: Mr Mikey Aportadera (seated, third from left), the new Head of the Davao City Sports Development Office, was our guest last August 12. He emphasized the 3 goals set for him by the administration of Mayor Inday Sara Duterte – Sports Tourism, Grass Roots Development and Sports Against Drugs.
By: Coach Rose Lanticse, PRFU Regional Development Officer
Photos by: AJ “Skippy” Lumawag

From the Eyes of an ADDU Coach: The Ateneo Taekwondo League

“Success doesn’t just come and find you, you have to go out and get it.”
 collage-2016-07-20 (1)
 As one who witnessed firsthand the Ateneo Taekwondo League held last July 16, it was an eye opener that there is more to the sport than just winning a gold medal and beating your adversary.  The sacrifices and hours of training that these Student-Athletes have to go through is more than the medals that we put around their necks.  How I wish I could give everybody a gold medal, because just being there and competing with their greatest adversary, themselves, they deserve more than gold; they deserve all the support to keep them striving and that’s what these league is all about – “doing more”,  striving for the “Magis.”
The first leg has been a success.  We are proud of all these student-athletes who have exemplified what taekwondo practitioners are all about, what an Atenean is all about.  All the coaches have left a mark on that day through the actions of their athletes and in one way or another we have connected with them the message of what we are trying to instill in sports in Ateneo – “Cheer Don’t Jeer.”
But this event would have not been possible without the support of our University President, Father Joel Tabora, S.J. who gave us the opportunity to organize this event; Mr. Noli Ayo, the Athletics Director who paved the way for both the student-athletes and the coaches to grow and define their worth;  Atty. ReboSaguisag, the UAAP Basketball Commissioner who have shared his knowledge with the participants; Master HyoungJoo Kim who provided us with National Referees to officiate the event;  our corporate partners:  Cherifer, Penongs and Pan de Pane who have given their utmost support in this endeavor; and  the Principals, Asst. Principals, School Heads, Sport Coordinators and the Coaches who have shared their valuable time and joining us in this event.

We still have a lot to learn from this experience.  We have to attain Excellence.  As Vince Lombardi put it, “perfection is not attainable but we have to chase perfection so that we can catch excellence.”
See you all in October for the next leg of the Ateneo Taekwondo League.
By: Coach Jun Liwag

SMART Blue Knights Track League Season 3: Sustaining its Pace Towards Greater Heights

With more than 80 athletes who joined, the 3rd season start of the SMART Blue Knights Track League Season 3 went on a bang during its initial leg at the Fr. Martinez Sports Center Track Oval, Ateneo de Davao University on 16-July. Athletes from different schools in clubs in Davao Region, Cagayan de Oro City, and Koronadal City showcased their talents in Track and Field (Athletics)


Atty Rebo Saguisag

This season the SMART BKTL is duly recognized by the Philippine Sports Commission as its sole partner in Mindanao on its “Weekly Relay” program. The weekly relay is done in different cities in the Philippines like Manila, Bacolod City, and Iloilo City. Making the participants of the BKTL to qualify to the Weekly Relay finals in Manila on November 2016.

Eduard Moritz Leuenberger during the 4x100m Relay

Gracing the events is Mr. Arnold Rellosa- Mindanao Region Head for SMART, Atty. Rebo Saguisag- UAAP Basketball Commissioner, and Ms. Katherine Khay B. Santos- Philippine Team Member on Women’s Long Jump. The guests inspired the young and promising athletes of Mindanao to be more passionate on their interest in Athletics and continue to work hard on their training and studies.

Mr Arnold Rellosa of SMART on his inspirational talkCoach Noli Ayo, Atty Rebo, and Ms Katherine Khay Santos

BKTL is not only an Athletics event but it gives change for homegrown athletes to meet the current icons in Philippine Athletics. During the noon break, Ms. Katherine Khay Santos shared skills for warm-up and drills and athletes had the time to interact with her during the event. Truly empowering national athletes to be in touch with their fans and followers. BKTL is thankful to its premier partner SMART, Keepsakes Café, Gintong Saging, and Piccola Bakeshop. The event is also supported by the Ateneo de Davao Track Team Varsity Parents Council.

Andrea Anabella de Guia of Dna Carmen NHS, Toril Davao City

We teach athletes to lead a true Christian Athlete life

The next leg of the Blue Knights Track League Season 3 will be on 06-August and the event will be running the whole season leading to its grand finals on February 2017.


facebook_1468207938465Team building is a collective term for different kinds of activities that aim to strengthen social relationships and define roles between teams. Normally, it is done once or twice a year to provide an avenue for teammates to resolve certain issues or to simply enjoy each other’s company. This year’s team building activity made me anxious for several reasons. First, it was repeatedly postponed to the point where I was worried if it would actually happen. Second, it was very weird to attend a team building activity without a senior. In other words, no one had enough experience and maturity to handle breakdowns, “heat of the moment” arguments and the like. Third, I was itching to get my hands on the Nike Kobe Mentality 2’s that were issued by the University. Lastly, I had a feeling that I would never get my fair share of sleep if there was a Karaoke in the venue-I was right, and Carlo spent the whole night screaming his lungs out.

After a long and grueling trip, we finally arrived at a private resort in Malagos. It was a large forest resort with a pool and a nice function hall. The first thing that caught my attention was the huge dome which was very similar to the structure built inside People’s Park. After our arrival, both teams decided to stay inside the function hall. Some of my teammates quickly mingled around and played a few games while few others opted to study and drown themselves with mathematical formulas or accounting exercises. I observed that people under the same course/cluster were seated together in order to share ideas and help each other. In other words, the subgroups within the team started to become evident. After an hour or so, both teams had dinner. This time, individuals who had common interests stayed in the same table. The function hall was filled with joy and laughter as we ate dinner.collage-2016-07-11 (1)

Dinner was over but we were instructed to stay in the hall for the motivational talk prepared by Mr. Mark Samante. He was the former grade school sports officer of the Ateneo de Davao University. He started the talk by instructing us to give a short introduction by comparing ourselves to different animals. Some gave hilarious answers while the others presented well thought of comparisons. The body of his speech revolved around the three C’s that an Atenean athlete should embody- Commitment, Compassion, and Character. He was a very good speaker and was even better at synthesizing his concepts. The talk gave us a good laugh and some needed realizations. Overall, I realized that being an Atenean athlete gave us the responsibility to continue the culture that flourished long before our inclusion in the varsity roster. After the talk, I decided to go to my assigned room and rest.

collage-2016-07-11 (2)On the second day, I woke up late and rushed downstairs to eat breakfast. After that, Sir Mark Paul Samante was already preparing to give another talk. This time, the discussion was about certain symbols that are found in the emblem of the university. I found the talk relevant because as a team without a clear identity, we can think of symbols that would best represent us as Atenean student-athletes. At the same time, we can think of certain symbols and metaphors that would give us an idea of what we want to become. After the talk, we were instructed to create our own coat of arms with the help our respective coaches. Our teamwork was tested in this activity as we tried to balance our interests to come up with more diverse ideas. It was fulfilling to see my teammates contribute various details to the coat of arms. At the end of the activity, I can proudly say that our emblem was arguably the best among the three participating teams.

IMG_4349After lunch, we were cleared to do anything and we decided to take some team pictures and play volleyball in the pool. I observed that instead of staying with their subgroups, the whole team stayed together. It was refreshing to see our coaches relax and enjoy the place. Towards the end of the team building activity, I was able to realize a few more things. While playing with my teammates, Coach Kirk continued to provide various twists in order to make the game harder (pool handling). I realized that even in vacation mode, our coaches still aim to enhance the abilities that we have and try to squeeze as much competitiveness as possible in whatever we do. This mentality helps us develop a competitive drive that we would be able to use wherever we go. Lastly, I realized that even if we have a lot different personalities within the team, we could harness those differences to develop a diverse environment in which everyone could grow. In the end, the team building activity was a big success. It made us appreciate our peers and forget the negative thoughts that we had before going to the venue.

By: Leo Lasola